Desk booking and employee scheduling


Manage your hybrid workplace with desk booking and employee scheduling


Give your employees the power to plan when they will be on-site and where they will be sitting to ensure you maintain your on-site policies and procedures.  

Never worry about exceeding your on-site occupancy or allowing staff on-site who don’t meet your policies and procedures. Use our mobile app, WolMobile, employees can schedule in advance when they will be in the office and where they will sit. 

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Using WhosOnLocation Workspaces, you can create zones so teams can collaborate and work together. Add bookable desks, designate occupancy limits, and set rules around which desks can be booked and those that are not available to maintain social distancing

Give your team visibility of how long in advance people can schedule a desk or will be working on-site. Get alerted if occupancy limits are reached and report on expected occupancy vs actual.  Have the flexibility to keep those in your duty of care safe and secure.

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Desk booking

  • Create zones and add floor plans
  • Reserve a desk for multiple days
  • Easily manage social distancing rule
  • Health screen prior to scheduling

Employee scheduling

  • Health screening
  • Occupancy reporting
  • Deny access when limits are met
  • Manage your duty of care


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