Transitioning back to the workplace.

Spurred by their employers' requirements, desire for daily human interaction, and the need to connect with clients and stakeholders, more than half of Americans (53%) expect to return to the workplace full time within the next six months. 


“The evacuation app is invaluable. Fantastic product, every office should have this!”

– Aerospares 2000 Limited


Communicate Hazards

Create awareness of any site hazards. Communicate any new hazards via SMS to any person currently on-site.

Streamline Incidents

Manage emergencies with WolEvac, a collaborative incident management and evacuation mobile app.

Secure your site

Strengthen your security and reduce the risk of threatening behaviour by preventing unauthorized access.


Manage site incidents

Run seamless incident evacuations for a particular zone or your entire facility. Track the zones cleared, perform a manual roll-call, provide accurate and easy updates to first responders and know who needs help.

Incident reporting

With extensive reporting, you can report on almost everything to do with your incident. Use the reporting option that best suits your organization with real-time verification progress and post incident/evacuation reports. Access one full report or separate reports for employees, visitors and contractors.

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Keep employees safe

Empower your employees to discreetly trigger a panic alarm if they experience threatening behaviour. The alarm can be triggerd via a kiosk or their desktop. Nominated responder are notified when the alarm is activated and directed to the area where the panic alarm was activated.

Hazard management

Create awareness of any site hazards and request visitor acknowledgement at sign in. Communicate any new hazards via mobile message to any people currently on-site.

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