When you’re tasked with finding a visitor management system suitable for your organization, doing the research can be overwhelming. Does it have all the functionality we need? Can we set it up easily and deploy it within a reasonable timeframe? Is it scalable? See if WhosOnLocation ticks all your boxes.

Why IT and Systems professionals endorse WhosOnLocation


GDPR compliance ready

When processing the data of EU residents, ensure any data captured is compliant with GDPR. Set custom data retention rules, add extra policy information to your sign-in process and more. 


Simple set-up with multiple device support

Set up a self-service kiosk in minutes using the step-by-step in-app guide. No additional hardware required other than a computer or tablet with access to the internet. 


Easy to use

Tech staff tell us the interface is logical and user-friendly. We also have in-app tooltips, a comprehensive Help Center with how-to guides, and 24-hour support in case you have any questions.


Scale without hassle

In just a few clicks, run and download customizable reports on everything from inductions to incident response to demonstrate compliance and outstanding safety practices.


Reasonably priced

Our pricing model is based on your estimated number of sign ins per year.  So you have peace of mind you're only paying for your volume of visitors. See pricing.


Great customer support

Need any help? Get your question answered promptly by our friendly customer support team – we offer 24/7 support.


All you need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection.

Without the restrictions of needing specific hardware, it’s easy to get WhosOnLocation up and running. This was one of DiMarco Constructors’ key requirements when researching the best visitor management system for their organization.


“WhosOnLocation best met our needs as the product was easy to use, web-based and we didn’t have to install any software.”

– Suzanne Germani, Director of Information Management, DiMarco Constructors


What is your organization looking for?


Visitor management

  • Site visitor screening, tracking and reporting
  • 21 languages available for kiosk
  • Visitor pre-registration
  • Calendar invites
  • Delivery management and tracking
  • Red flag alerts
  • Comprehensive site and zone access permissions
  • Extensive visitor reporting
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Contractor management

  • Contractor sign-in/out tracking
  • Secure contractor portal to empower contractors to edit their own information
  • Dynamic inductions and online courses
  • Expiry and renewal alerts for contracts, insurances, inductions and qualifications
  • Red flag alerts
  • Comprehensive site and zone access permissions
  • Extensive contractor reporting
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Employee management

  • Employee sign-in/out tracking
  • Lone working tracking
  • Dynamic inductions and online courses
  • Expiry and renewal alerts for inductions and qualifications
  • On and off-site tracking
  • Global roaming for employees traveling to international locations
  • Integrates with other access control and time and attendance systems
  • Comprehensive alert and notification settings
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Emergency management

  • Real-time reporting of who is currently on-site
  • Mobile and tablet app to easily and quickly verify peoples’ safety in the case of an incident or emergency
  • Panic alarm
  • Hazard awareness and acknowledgment notice reporting
  • Detailed post-emergency reports
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