Whether you have people working after hours, in isolated areas or off-site alone, WhosOnLocation can help you ensure their security and safety is never compromised.

Protect your people with better lone worker management.

“Working alone” is any work carried out in an area where the worker can’t be seen or heard by others. This may include working in isolated areas on-site or off-site, either during or outside normal working hours.

WhosOnLocation helps organizations manage lone worker safety and security with features like mobile sign-in, GPS geolocation and lone worker reporting. WhosOnLocation is compatible on desktop, tablet and mobile.



Mobile sign in & follow me

Employees or contractors working alone can sign in via the WhosOnLocation mobile app, WolMobile.

Lone workers can manually share their geolocation, or select follow me to be tracked continuously - ideal for larger sites, or those in remote areas.


SOS Alerts

Lone workers can signal for help in an emergency at the touch of a button with WolMobile.

The SOS feature automatically sends an instant alert to your location’s SOS responders, detailing their geolocation so you can provide assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Know what’s happening on-site

With powerful and flexible custom parameters, you can receive alerts for almost any scenario.

Use these alerts to keep track of lone workers, whether someone is overdue back from a job, or hasn’t signed out from a high-risk zone within a certain timeframe.


Custom sign-in questions

Ask custom questions at sign-in to capture lone workers’ details (and to use in lone worker reporting).

Track data such as their expected duration on-site, which zone or area they will be working in or the type of work they will be conducting.


Nominate safety operators

When a contractor or employee signs in, and indicate that they will be working alone, they can nominate someone (we call them Safety Operators) to monitor their status. The Safety Operator will be notified of the nomination, and will be sent any red flag alerts.



Lone worker reporting is extensive. You can report on nearly everything, from who is working off-site at a particular time to how long a lone worker spent in a particular area. You can also run Geolocation reports to show off-site lone worker movements.

Choose WhosOnLocation for...


Better security

An extensive feature set that is fully customizable and can serve complex security needs.


Improved safety

Know the identities and whereabouts of all people on-site to ensure their safety.


Increased compliance

Comply with health and safety regulations to protect the people in your duty of care.

“This software is so easy to use and it has instantly improved our ability to monitor and control visitors and contractors on site.”

-David Hopkins, Coca-Cola

Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Manager

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