From touchless sign in/out to health screening questions - protect the health of everyone on-site with WhosOnLocation.



Hygienic, touchless sign in

Switch your kiosk to touchless mode, or print out QR code posters for a hygienic sign-in option.

Visitors, service providers and employees can simply scan the QR code displayed on the kiosk to complete the sign in process on their smartphone. No app download required. 


Ask guests to acknowledge your policies

Using WhosOnLocation, you can display your health policies in a number of ways: 

  • Use WolPass to notify pre-registered guests of any requirements 'e.g. please re-schedule if you experience flu-like symptoms'.
  • Display your health message at the kiosk e.g. "hand sanitizer is available at the front desk'
  • Ask employees, contractors and visitors to confirm they've acknowledged any terms of entry before completing sign in, e.g. 'Physical distancing must be adhered to at all times'. 
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Carry out health screening

Use WhosOnLocation to carry out health screening for employees, contractors and visitors. 

Set rules based on question answers and receive alerts when someone attempts to sign in outside of your policy. Integrate with access control to deny access to anyone who poses a risk to your organization.

Powerful reporting

Use our powerful reporting tools to carry out effective contact tracing. Ask employees, contractors and visitors to sign into zones to easily report on who worked where, when and for how long.

Access reports from anywhere. Simply log in from your browser to see who was on-site, and report on who acknowledged (or didn't acknowledge) your health policies. 


Instant messages

Easily notify all employees and contractors of a potential outbreak using instant messages. 


Maximum occupancy

Set maximum occupancy rules and receive alerts if too many people are on-site at once. 


24/7 support

Easy to set up and deploy. 24/7 support is available from our friendly support team. 


Protect the health of your employees with WhosOnLocation.

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