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Why Health & Safety professionals are using WhosOnLocation

Free up time for the unexpected

As a Health and Safety professional, there’s always something unexpected or urgent that needs your immediate attention. Health and safety software lets you automate more, so you can do more.

The way of the future

Rest easy without the paperwork. Contractor insurances, qualifications and certificates, waivers, hazard acknowledgments… Easily keep track of all your files in one place, see who’s working alone at the click of a button… and so much more.

Keep your people safe

With health and safety software, it’s easy to ensure everyone on-site has completed the relevant training, has all the required qualifications and can be accounted for in an emergency.

Pull detailed reports 

In just a few clicks, run and download customizable reports on everything from inductions to incident response to demonstrate compliance and outstanding safety practices.

Easy to use and set-up

Get a Kiosk going in minutes with no extra hardware other than a computer with access to the internet. A step-by-step in-app onboarding process will guide you through the set up.

Something Powerful

Need any help? Get your question answered promptly by our friendly customer support team – we offer 24/7 support.

It feels like the future.

Working with WhosOnLocation software makes pure business sense. Take it from High Plains Bioenergy, who worked with a Health & Safety expert to review their safety processes and as part of the recommendations, found that they needed a better tracking system to account for people entering and exiting their site.

“We had limited tracking, so rolling out WhosOnLocation was like going from 1910 – 2017, overnight.”

– High Plains Bioenergy Management


Run online inductions

Simply upload video or slideshow inductions into WhosOnLocation and specify the roles it is relevant for. Pre-registered contractors or new employees can complete inductions at home in their own time, or they can complete it at a kiosk when they arrive on-site.

Keep track of everyone on-site

Every sign-in and sign-out is recorded in WhosOnLocation so you can account for people in the case of an emergency. Check to see who is on-site at any given moment, or pull reports to determine how many people have signed-in over a period of time.

Receive notifications when people are at risk

If a worker enters a high-risk zone, an isolated area, or is working alone they are required to record their expected time on-site. You will receive a notification when they sign-in, and again if they haven’t signed out by the expected time.

Protect your front desk staff

Front desk staff are at the front line when a suspicious or dangerous person enters the site. WhosOnLocation includes an in-app panic button that your receptionist or concierge can subtly click if they need to request help from security staff.

Manage emergencies more efficiently

WhosOnLocation makes it so much easier to respond to incidents or emergencies. Verify that people are safe, send out SMS notifications to see if anyone needs help and more, all in one easy-to-use mobile app. Afterwards, run an incident response report for later evaluation.

Get notified when visitors arrive on-site

Reduce the time your front-of-house  spend tracking staff when a guest has arrived on-site to meet them. Once your guest has signed-in to see you or one of your team members, you'll receive a SMS, email or push notification to let you know.

Set zone permissions and access rights

Some zones need special access rights. Using WhosOnLocation, you can decide who is allowed where. By setting up Kiosks outside specific zones, you can track the flow of people within your site and deny access to people without the correct access permissions.

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